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PFLAG Phoenix Chapter
[aka Parents of Lesbians and Gays]
Archives Collection  1978-2020

PFLAG Phoenix Shutdown Exhibit

What later became the 'PFLAG Phoenix Chapter' started in November 1978
when a group of local Phoenix parents incorporated what was then called
the “United Parents and Friends Support Group.”
Years later the effort re-organized into being part of the
National PFLAG Organization as the “PFLAG Phoenix Chapter" of the
national organization.

The original effort q
uickly grew because of the tremendous needs during the earely time periods.
One of the chapters scholarship programs was named in honor of Boots and Ray Reed
who were two of the original founders of the PFLAG Phoenix Chapter.

The PFLAG Phoenix Chapter offered scholarships to many students
who were every color of the diversity rainbow along with their straight allies
 having direct support in the Phoenix community for many 
until the 2019-2020 COVID Worldwide Pandemic
when the chapter ceased as a chapter and as a group.

“Seething Mom” Shares Her Son’s Amazing Story . . . and Her Own!

Note:  This message was received by PFLAG Phoenix from “Seething Mom” who wished to remain anonymous at that time.

Hi, I am an Arizona mom who found out she had a gay son in 2003.  I started a blog so that I would have a place to vent without driving my husband crazy, but it has also helped me work through the process of coming to terms with my new reality.  I also started this blog so that other parents could see that they are not alone in their emotional journeys to peace and acceptance.  Surprisingly, I get a lot of traffic from the GLBT community thanking me for being the mom who is fighting back against the homophobia and ignorance perpetrated by the George W. Bush administration and congress in the name of “family values”.

I have posted on my site, my son’s story, “Hell Bound” (an essay written by him) about his own journey coming to terms with being gay.  You may post it if you think it is something that will help others.  I also have my own personal stories posted on the website and you are welcome to post them if you would like.

And lastly, I want to thank PFLAG for helping my husband and me through those difficult first months.  We will be forever grateful to the loving, accepting, embrace of the PFLAG Phoenix community.  Oh and by the way, we still attend the meetings.

With love,
“Seething Mom”

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